Joy at work is becoming more and more important to us. We are a nation of workaholics – we put a lot of energy into work, and we want work to be a source of positive experiences. This is also confirmed by this year’s study: The International Landscape of Joy at Work.

The study was conducted in 12 European countries and in China by AmRest and the HRM Institute in cooperation with the Universum. Regardless of experience or origin, more than 90% of the people taking part in the study confirmed that joy at work is very important.

Joy at work is of great importance not only for employees but also for employers. Positive emotions at work translate into higher energy levels, creativity and better relationships with other employees. Working with joy and in a place we like is also more effective.


Are you curious about what joy at work means for other people? When it comes to Poland, there are 3 main themes: atmosphere, working with people with a sense of humor and passion.

These results are in line with what our colleagues from other European countries and from China indicated. Below you will find a full list of Poles’ associations:

  • 27% An atmosphere in which I can feel at ease, and I am not afraid to express my views
  • 15% Working with people with a sense of humor / laughing together with colleagues
  • 11% Passion for what I do
  • 8% Positive feedback/appreciation from co-workers and the boss
  • 6% Possibility to implement your own ideas
  • 5% Company / integration events for employees
  • 4% Fun with the implementation of tasks
  • 4% Break in work for talking and joking with colleagues
  • 4% Eating meals while working with a team / providing space for shared meals
  • 3% Celebrating name day/birthday parties with employees
  • 2% Celebrating successes together
  • 2% Looser days at work (e.g. casual Friday)
  • 2% Family picnics and events for employees’ children
  • 2% Contests/lotteries for employees, platforms with a gamification element
  • 1% No dress code


This study also showed that the vast majority of Poles have positive associations with joy at work. For over 80% of us, having fun at work gives a positive boost of energy and increases creativity :

  • 84% Having fun at work gives me more energy to act later in the day
  • 89% Fun at work increases my creativity
  • 82% I prefer to work with people who like to have fun
  • 93% Joy at work is very important to me

In the survey, only a minority of people said that joking and playing at work are unprofessional.


Research shows that providing joy in the workplace can be an inexpensive and profitable way of getting involved. And commitment is directly related to increased job satisfaction.

Pleasant workplaces nurture an environment that enhances growth, productivity and creativity while reducing employee burnout and absences.

Happier workers are healthier and more productive. A 2015 study by the University of Warwick’s Center found that happier workers are more productive on average by 12%. Employees who have a good time at work are more likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

What are the 4 most important benefits of joy at work resulting from researching people in Poland:

  1. When there is a good atmosphere at work, employees work more efficiently
  2. Having fun at work can improve interpersonal relationships and teamwork
  3. Having fun at work can reduce stress and tension
  4. Employees with a good sense of humor work well with others

Spending time with colleagues in a pleasant environment encourages open discussion and mutual trust. Playing with people is a great way to get to know each other’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, and to develop rules that help mutual understanding. This knowledge allows us to better understand our limits, strengths and weaknesses.

Research over the past two decades shows that joyful workplaces contribute to employee happiness. This translates into job satisfaction. And satisfied employees are better at their jobs.


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